November 13 - 15, 2020

Automotive Technology FairAutomotive Parts Expo


The automotive technology fair automotive parts expo operate on two levels – business and scientific. It is not only a meeting place, but also training and conferences for professionals.

The automotive parts expo is an event that brings together the leaders in automotove technology and experts on one global platform. The event just does not serve as a meeting point for business but also for training and upskilling in the industry.

During the fair you can learn about technological innovations related to the industry, consult with experts, take part in shows and other attractions. You can find solutions and ideas that will help your business grow!

The fair showcases the major innovations and international trends in the industry where the participants and visitors can meet and learn from experts and find solutions and new ideas to expand their knowledge and business.

Automotive parts expo is an international trade fair – our foreign department invites business clients from around the world, including china, malaysia, turkey or hungary, who are determined to start cooperation with polish companies.

It is a great opportunity to present your products and get a new market for them. To facilitate the establishment of contacts, we continue the hosted buyers program, launched last year. Its task is to facilitate the acquisition of a business client.

The career zone allows for the acquisition of a qualified employee. This is particularly important considering the recruitment problems and the current job market. At automotive parts expo you will find a specialist for your company!

The fair will take place on November 13 – 15, 2020 in Ptak Warsaw Expo.

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• spare parts for vehicles
• body parts
• electricity and car electronics
• batteries and rectifiers
• lighting
• gas installations
• air-conditioning, ventilation, heating systems
• filters
• specialized tools and repair devices
• service equipment and workshops
• diagnostic equipment

• machines and devices for vehicle maintenance
• vehicle care products
• body and paint tools
• oils, greases, fluids
• car windows
• car accessories
• industry publications
• adhesives and sealants
• tuning
• industry publications


During automotive parts expo you will be able to see the offer:

• manufacturers and distributors of spare parts
• manufacturers and distributors of car bodies
• manufacturers and distributors of car accessories
• manufacturers and distributors of workshop equipment
• manufacturers and distributors of liquids, lubricants and oils
• certification and approval institutions
• research institutions from the moto industry


• you will present a wide offer to clients from around the world
• you will strengthen your image by showing the possibilities of your company
• we will help you to present your company’s products to reach the client you specify
• you will establish contacts and find interesting ideas on training and conferences that will help you in the development of your company

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Automotive parts expo is an exhibition for all those interested in the automotive and car parts market, in particular:

• distributors of spare parts
• wholesale spare parts
• stores with spare parts and workshop equipment
• owners of car workshops
• transport companies
• diagnostic services
• industry schools with the specialty: car mechanic
• industry media
• motorization enthusiasts

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