TURBOJULITA was established as a family company. The company is run by Krzysztof and Małgorzata Witek and has almost 60 people. We ship products to most European countries. We have a modern machine park and qualified managerial and production staff. Many employees have been with us from the very beginning. We regenerate nearly 25,000 turbochargers and 3,000 particulate filters annually. We are constantly developing, introducing new technologies, training and conducting research in the field of regeneration, sales and marketing.
We sell and professionally regenerate turbochargers and DPF / FAP filters. We have products for almost all types of vehicles as well as agricultural and construction machines. We create solutions for motorsport, increasing efficiency and power, and solutions that reduce fuel consumption. We create HYBRID TURBOCHARGERS, and also distribute CHIP BOXES dedicated to them, improving work parameters. We care about the highest quality of products, and the components used in the regeneration process are leading manufacturers as well as modern machinery and equipment. We provide a 12-month warranty on all products, with no limit on kilometers and working time.