Moderntech sp. z o.o.


Marka MPBS Spółki Moderntech zajmuje się produkcją tulei poliuretanowych do zawieszeń samochodowych, które są alternatywą do tradycyjnych tulei gumowych. Poliuretan nazywany jest tworzywem o The Moderntech MPBS brand deals with the production of polyurethane bushings for car suspensions, which are an alternative to traditional rubber bushings. Polyurethane is called a material with unlimited possibilities from which you can get sleeves of different hardness depending on individual needs, the needs of drivers – for comfortable everyday driving or motor sports.

Polyurethane products are characterized by:
– high flexibility in the entire hardness range;
– high resistance to tearing, cracking, abrasion;
– very good dynamic load resistance;
– does not age;
– the ability to work in a wide range of temperatures;
– UV resistance

The red bushes manufactured by us with a hardness of 80 ShA are intended for owners of passenger cars who require stability, comfort, better driving and safe driving.

Blue bushings with a hardness of 90 ShA are designed for sports cars, tuning. The suspension becomes much stiffer, which affects driving at higher speeds. Thanks to the reinforced construction and the materials used, they perfectly increase the car’s performance, and guarantee reliability during dynamic driving.